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The Perfect Fit Shutter Lite is a cost-effective and innovative product that is easy to measure, simple to install and is sure to be a big hit with everyone.

Unlike standard shutters, the Perfect Fit Shutter Lite doesn’t require any outer framework, allowing more light in from the outside and an improved view from the inside. It also effortlessly clips in directly to your existing uPVC window frames, making it easy to remove when cleaning or decorating.

Unique Innovative Shading Solution

Manufactured in the UK, Perfect Fit Shutters offer a unique and innovative shading solution that combines style, convenience, and durability. With their easy installation process and low maintenance requirements, they are a must-have for the modern homeowner.

One of the unique features of the Perfect Fit Shutter Lite
is that it opens with the window or door allowing you to keep your window ledge clutter free. The shutters are fitted directly to the uPVC window frame, ensuring a sleek and slimline appearance from both the inside and out.

Enjoy full control over light and privacy with the ability to tilt the shutter louvres to any angle – open, closed, or anywhere in between.

So why not upgrade your living space with Perfect Fit Shutters Lite and experience the difference for yourself.


  • No Drilling
  • Quick lead time
  • Perfect for doors
  • Made in the UK