Our Wooden Shutters are handcrafted using sustainably sourced hard wood and come in 25 different colour options.

Wooden shutters provides low thermal conductivity keeping out the winter cold and the summer heat, helping to maintain the perfect temperature in your home and come with a 5 year warranty.

Our Faux Wood Shutters are manufactured from high quality HS Polyvinyl and come in 9 colour options.

Suitable for most window designs, Our Faux wood is durable and waterproof, offers superior insulation and comes with a 10 year-warranty. Our Faux wood range can be installed in as little as 3 weeks.

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Shutter styles


These shutters are designed to dress the full-height of the window. Functional, yet stylish window furniture for any home.


Ideal for rooms where total privacy is not required, café style shutters are fitted to the lower section of the window, adding an instant continental flavour.


Using two sets of shutters, each tier can be operated independently offering complete light control. Tier-on-tier epitomises the look of understated luxury.


The perfect solution for large windows, patio doors and room dividers. Shutter panels glide effortlessly across a discreet track system facilitating smooth operation creating the ultimate focal point. Two track systems are available.

BIFOLD: Suspended from a top track, hinged panels enable the panels to be folded back to the end of the track at a 90 degree angle.

BIPASS: Suspended from a top track, panels slide behind one another to open or close.


Shutters are a great option that help you lower your energy usage by effectively filtering the intensity of the sun. Shutters are very effective at blocking and absorbing solar heat, resulting in lower home heating bills.

Research has proven that installing internal shutters can have a beneficial energy saving on your home with a 58% reduction on heat loss.


Your choice of shutter style allows you to enhance your privacy without sacrificing natural light flow by operating the blades for the top and bottom panels independently.