It is not uncommon in the UK to see houses with conservatory roof blinds. If you aren’t sure about the hype of these roof blinds, or you aren’t even familiar with them, you have come to the right place. Learn more about conservatory roof blinds and their advantages below.


What Are Conservatory Roof Blinds?


Conservatory roof blinds are essentially window blinds for your full-size conservatory roof glass. The blinds are able to transform the look of your conservatory when opened and closed. 


When closed, the blinds will block out the sun and stop any heat from coming in. When opened, the blinds will allow you to enjoy the panoramic view from your conservatory.


Advantages of Conservatory Roof Blinds


Conservatory roof blinds are mostly used to increase the privacy of your conservatory, but there are a number of other advantages of installing this type of blinds. Here are a few of them:


  1. Increase Privacy


The main advantage of conservatory roof blinds is privacy. Although a conservatory is a great room to entertain guests, you may not want to open up your conservatory to the public. 


These blinds can be closed to stop people from looking in and discourage your neighbours from ringing the doorbell unexpectedly. When it’s closed, it will also be hard to notice that anyone is home.


  1. UV Control


Conservatory roof blinds will block out harmful UV rays and stop them from entering your conservatory and damaging your furniture and carpet. UV rays are also bad for the skin and could cause a number of skin diseases.


  1. Light Control


Not only will conservatory roof blinds block UV rays, they will also block out natural light. If you are bothered by light, then you can use the blinds to stop the sun from shining in. Daylight can also make your conservatory hotter than it is supposed to be.


Should I Get Conservatory Roof Blinds?


If you have a conservatory roof, we recommend you get the roof blinds. They are ideal for everyone due to the privacy it offers and their versatility when it comes to letting the light in or protecting you from them. Furthermore, they look great and would be a gorgeous addition to your home. They are a great investment in the long run, and you surely will not regret having them installed.


How Much Do They Cost?


If you have never purchased conservatory roof blinds before, then you may be wondering how much they cost. The price depends on the type of blind that you buy, the brand, and the size of the blinds. The price will also vary from company to company, but they are not overly expensive, and as mentioned before, they are an excellent long-term investment.


Are They Difficult to Maintain?


Conservatory roof blinds are easy to maintain. They are made of different fabrics such as nylon, wood, woodgrain, and synthetic materials such as PVC. The fabric is easy to clean and will not fade or wear over time if properly maintained. Some of the materials can also be easily repaired. They are not difficult to maintain, and many of them have various warranties.




Conservatory roof blinds are a great investment for any home. They provide a wide range of benefits. We believe conservatory roof blinds are a must-have for anyone who has a conservatory. With so many options available, you should have no trouble picking a conservatory roof blind that fits your needs.

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