If you need to replace your curtains with better options, selecting vertical blinds is your best choice. They’re an attractive, durable yet affordable way to ensure better privacy. Vertical blinds are also low-maintenance and give you better control of how much light enters your home. 


However, deciding which works best for your needs can take time and effort, especially with the different colours, styles, sizes, and materials. 


This article will discuss a short history of vertical blinds and what to do when finding the best choice for your home. 


A Short History


Siblings Edward and Frederick Bopp invented vertical blinds in 1950 to reduce the dust collected in their horizontal counterparts and ensure a quicker cleaning routine. While it grew popular in the 1980s, vertical blinds are currently making a solid comeback with improved designs. 


What to Remember When Buying Vertical Blinds


After looking at its short history, this section will enumerate five things to remember when purchasing vertical blinds for your home. 


  1. Determine How Many You’ll Need


While they look great for sliding glass doors that lead to patios or pool decks, vertical blinds are also a smart choice for your bedrooms and home office. Their long, graceful lines give an illusion of a higher ceiling. 

However, before buying your vertical blinds, you must determine which doors and windows can benefit from these shades. 


Getting highly accurate measurements of your windows and doors is crucial because most homeowners usually choose vertical blinds for oversized and unusually sized windows. You can record more precise measurements by using a metal tape measure, pencil, and paper. 


  1. Select the Right Materials 


As a responsible homeowner, you want your vertical blinds to be strong enough to withstand the test of time. And for this reason, you must select suitable materials according to your needs. 


It’s also best to consider the advantages and disadvantages of each material. For instance, while vinyl vertical blinds are durable and stain-resistant, they can crack and become brittle if you don’t maintain them properly. On the other hand, faux wood blinds are affordable and easy to clean, but they’ll eventually fade due to prolonged sunlight exposure.


  1. Showcase a Personalised Home


Besides considering the ideal material, you must also decide which colour and style best matches your personality. 


  1. Call for Professional Installation


Like other significant home installations, you want your vertical blinds to hang in their best condition. While vertical blinds are easy to install, it can be challenging if you’ll DIY this part of your interior design, especially if you’re inexperienced and lack the right tools. 


And for this reason, we strongly recommend asking your window treatment and installation company to set up the vertical blinds in your home. They’ll save you from the headaches of getting precise measurements. Letting professionals handle this task also helps you get the best prices and products. 


  1. Add Valances


Valances are fabric hanging on top of the windows to hide other window treatment hardware. They also add a splash of colour, softness, and patterns. 


While most vertical blind sets will have valances to cover the track, additional vanes sliding into plastic clips isn’t always a creative or stylish choice. You can add a fabric valance over your vertical blinds to coordinate with your interior decor and boost visual appeal. They can also protect the track from dust and damage. 


On the other hand, if you enjoy total light blockage for movie night or an afternoon nap, we recommend using a dark fabric valance and dark-coloured curtains over your closed vertical blinds. 


Shading in a Stylish Home


Vertical blinds are essential for modern homeowners who want an affordable yet stylish way to enjoy better privacy. Working with a professional can ensure peace of mind that they’ll install your vertical blinds properly. 

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