Before You Buy: Your Guide to Knowing Faux Wood Blinds


Whether you’re a first-time homeowner or have owned a property for a while, you’d know that privacy is essential to gaining peace of mind. This fundamental human right allows you to feel safe in your space and not worry about unwanted guests peeping through your windows. Its significance has also become even more vital when crimes are rampant. 


One of the best ways to protect everyone’s privacy is buying high-quality wood Venetian blinds. Although there’s nothing wrong with purchasing authentic home additions, others don’t realise that faux can be stylish and sometimes perform better than real ones. 


If you want a safer, more cost-effective, and attractive home, let this article be your pre-purchase guide to understanding faux wood blinds. We’ll also provide some measuring tips.


What Are the Features of These Home Essentials?


Faux wood blinds are Venetian blinds that manufacturers make with slats that hang from a headrail. They make these home essentials from wood composite, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), or vinyl, and have a matching wooden valance. They also perform better in tall windows than in wide ones. 


Unlike thinner slats on aluminium Venetian blinds, their faux wood counterparts have wider slats that block more light. This window treatment offers better light control and allows you to raise, lower, or angle the slats to direct sunlight. 


For instance, if the afternoon sun directly hits your kitchen window, you can turn the slats downwards to light up your countertop and keep the sun out of your eyes. Although they don’t provide blackout room darkening, they’re still the best option for light control, as faux wood blinds will block 90 to 95% of the light. 


4 Main Differences between Faux and Authentic Wood Blinds


After discussing the features of this essential window treatment, here are four ways faux wood blinds differ from their genuine counterparts. 


  1. Durability 


Faux wood blinds are as strong or more durable than wood blinds. They can resist warping and cracking and are an excellent choice for moist areas like bathrooms and kitchens. They’re also a good option for children’s rooms due to their durability and safety mechanisms. However, experts don’t recommend getting imitation and real wood blinds for conservatories, as the high temperatures entering the room can cause warping.


  1. Look 


Both options are available in various colours and wood patterns, allowing you to match your decor or change your room’s ambience. Although faux wood looks natural, genuine material has a unique and elegant grain pattern, making it stand out and complement natural wood furniture in living or dining areas. 


  1. Care Routine 


Faux and real wood blinds have simple cleaning routines; just wide down each slat individually. Faux wood blinds are easier to clean as you can use any household cleaner. However, you should clean wood blinds with a wood cleaner to prevent the slats from drying out. You can also use wood wax or wood oil to keep them in good condition for longer if your authentic wood blinds look dry. 


  1. Price 


Since natural wood blinds are costly, consider adding them to your living room with a bay window. On the other hand, faux wood is more cost-effective. 


How to Measure Window Blinds 


Before purchasing window blinds, measure your windows to ensure a perfect fit. Decide if you want to place these additions inside or outside the window recess. You should also measure in three places for width and drop if inside the pit and use the smallest measurement. On the other hand, plan along the wall if outside the recess. 


Moreover, don’t confuse the width and drop measurements; remember to measure multiple times before buying. 


A More Secure and Comfortable Home


No homeowner should feel uneasy about compromised privacy and glaring sunlight, as they can negatively affect your quality of life. You can gain more security, control the light entering your space, and create a more attractive home by investing in faux wood Venetian blinds. 

Shady Blinds measures and offers high-quality faux wood Venetian blinds in Nuneaton to help homeowners enjoy a safer and more attractive property. Call us now for your non-obligatory quote!