Your blinds are exposed daily to strong UV rays from the sun as well as dust, grease, pollen, and bacteria. It won’t take long before your blinds start to look dusty and even grimy, depending on where your blinds are installed.  Getting your wooden blinds looking and feeling brand new again couldn’t be easier.


Here, your trusted blinds supplier in Nuneaton shares some  tips on how you can achieve squeaky clean wood Venetian blinds:


How to Clean Real Wood Blinds


The first step to cleaning wooden blinds is to vacuum the blinds thoroughly. Use the upholstery attachment to get dust and dirt out of the crevices of the blind. Vacuuming helps you collect loose dust and dirt, which will prevent your blinds from scratching during the cleaning process.


If your blinds are fitted inside your home or office, you’ll want to use a feather duster or a rag with a cleaning solution to wipe down the blinds.


Cleaning blinds that are installed outside may require more effort. You may need to climb a ladder or step stool to reach the blinds. Start by cleaning the exterior of the window frame to remove grime from the outside of the window. You may need to use a scraper to remove grime from the surface of the window frame and to take off any rust or paint.


How to Clean Faux Wood Blinds


Clean faux wood blinds in much the same as real wood blinds. Vacuum the blinds thoroughly with the upholstery attachment to remove loose dirt and dust. Wipe down the surface of the blinds with a rag or feather duster that is soaked in a cleaning solution.


There are several faux wood blind cleaning solutions to choose from. Oftentimes, the manufacturers of faux wood blinds recommend a cleaning solution. However, you may use a solution that you prefer. The best cleaning solutions for faux wood blinds are typically mild detergents designed for cleaning wood. Avoid using harsher cleaning solutions that could damage your blinds.


What Cleaning Products Can I Use?


You want to make sure the cleaning product is safe for the blinds you are cleaning. Check with the manufacturer of the blinds for specific cleaning products. Some manufacturers recommend that you clean the blinds with a specific cleaning solution. Other manufacturers recommend general cleaning products.


Cleaning products include window cleaners, wood cleaners, and detergents. The right cleaning product for cleaning wood-based products depends on the material that the blinds are made of. Some homeowners swear by water and vinegar solution, too.


How Long Does It Take to Clean Wooden Blinds?


Cleaning your blinds will take about 1 hour for a set of 2 to 3 blinds. Cleaning faux wood blinds takes about 30 minutes.


How Often Should I Clean My Blinds?


You should clean your blinds at least once every 2 months. This will ensure that you don’t have to clean your blinds as often. Cleaning your blinds more often than that can cause more damage to the blinds.




If you want to keep your wood Venetian blinds looking brand new for years, you need to clean them at least twice per year. Cleaning the blinds regularly will ensure that the blinds look great for longer.

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