Follow These Steps And Tips To Clean Your Wooden Shutters


Window shutters are an essential addition to your home. They provide privacy and security while protecting you from the elements. Several different types of window shutters suit your needs and style. 


From traditional to contemporary styles, wooden shutters are one of the most popular window shutters. They are durable and easy to maintain. Painting the shutters to match the colour of your home’s exterior is also an excellent way to beautify it. 


However, you must regularly clean and maintain them to prevent dust buildup. It’s also crucial to remember that all wooden shutters aren’t the same, so you must ensure that you clean them right and not destroy them. We put together some steps and tips for cleaning your wooden shutters. 


  1. Dust The Shutters


Like most other areas, you must first dust the wooden shutters. After wiping the site, you can quickly move on to the following parts of the cleaning process.


Start dusting off all the wooden shutters’ dirt, dust, and debris. A brush and a cloth can help you beat around the shutters as you remove all the junk surrounding them. 


However, a soft vacuum brush works best if you want to suck up every last bit of debris and dust from the blinds. Whichever tool you’ll use, clearing out the dirt and dust is crucial for easier cleaning. 


  1. Wipe Using A Dry Cloth


After dusting your wooden shutters, the next step is to wipe them with a cloth or an old pair of socks. You must ensure the rag is dry, as you’ll only dry-wipe the shutters in this case. 


So if you’ll use an old pair of socks to dry-wipe, insert your hand in one to easily reach all the shutter’s angles.


Focusing on these areas is crucial as you give them the much-needed cleaning; the dirt between the spaces may need that extra elbow grease. And if only the finishing touches remain, you may stop at this step if you already have a spotless wooden shutter.


Carefully examine your wooden shutter’s angles before deciding whether to move forward. So if you think the wooden shutters still need some cleaning, you can jump to the next step, where you’ll use water to clean them. 


  1. Wipe The Wooden Shutters With A Damp Cloth


At this point, you’ll also determine whether to use other chemicals or plain water to clean the wooden shutters. And that depends on the dust sitting on your wooden shutters. In most cases, we don’t recommend you use cleaning chemicals unless it’s urgent.


You can also use the chemicals if you have grease stains on your shutters or any other stick-on. You must ensure that these chemicals don’t harm your wooden shutters while cleaning them.


You can use the same process to clean the blinds with water as with the dry rag. When using other products, you must ensure that you mix them in the proper proportions. Neglecting this tip can bend or warp the wooden shutters. 


You must also look out for the sticky parts as you clean the shutters. Ensure you completely wipe out the grease and dirt before proceeding to the next step.


  1. Dry The Wooden Shutters


After wiping the wooden shutters with water, you can now dry them. Leaving any water stains or neglecting to dry them may damage the shutters. Leftover water specs will dry up and sometimes mix up with dust and dirty your hard work.


Drying off the water can reduce the chances of recollecting dust in the areas. It would help if you also opened the windows for fresh air to blow dry the shutter on a sunny day.


  1. Conduct Simple And Necessary Maintenance


After cleaning your shutters, you must now conduct the necessary maintenance on them. You may repaint the shutters if the paint is chipping off or upgrade your shutters’ old features. 


You can also profoundly examine if they need repairs.


Seeing A Better Home


Wooden shutters are durable and practical to ensure privacy and security and shield you from the elements. Cleaning and maintaining them regularly and properly can ensure a longer life for your shutters. 

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