Signs You Need to Know if Your Blinds Need Replacing 

When was the last time you looked at your blinds closely? If it’s been some time then you may need to think about getting replacements. Seeing frayed ends or the fact that they’re falling off of their tracks can cost you much more than you think.


If you’re still having trouble figuring out if your blinds need replacing, these are some signs that may indicate you need to get a new one.

1. Not Child-Safe

If you have small children, you want to ensure that your blinds are child-safe.


It would be best to be sure that the plastic cords and slats are too large for your children to choke on. Also, they should not be able to wrap any part of their little bodies around the cords or slats and be in danger of choking.


In addition, a feature called “breakaway” is found on many of the newer blinds on the market. The blinds will come down if a child pulls on the cords or slats. With this feature, you can buy new blinds without worrying that your child will hurt themself.

2. Damaged

Make sure that the slats or cords on your blinds are not broken. This will keep your fingers, hands, and other body parts safe. You should get a new set of blinds if the plastic is broken, has sharp edges, is torn, or has small pieces of plastic sticking out of it.

3. Do Not Provide the Sufficient Sun Protection You Need

If your blinds are not providing the sun protection you need, you should consider getting a new set of blinds. This is especially true if you purchased your blinds almost a decade ago. You may want to consider getting insulated blinds that block more of the sun than the blinds you currently have.

4. If Your Blinds Are Ugly

You may be embarrassed to have people come into your home when your current set of blinds is torn and showing wear and is also an eyesore. You can have a new collection that compliments your room.


Instead of hiding them with a curtain or shade, why not get a new set that matches your interior design and décor?


This is especially important if you want to sell your home in the future. Many sellers will put in the extra effort to give their home a facelift before it goes on the market. 


If you want to make your old blinds look more modern, you can choose from several different styles and colours. It is easier than ever to find the exact look you are going for. In addition, you will feel satisfied knowing that your new blinds will not fall apart for many years to come.


All of the signs mentioned above can indicate that you need to get a new set of blinds. But before you toss your current set, make sure that you consider all the different colours and materials available.


Getting replacement blinds can be a simple way to update your home’s look or make sure that your home is child-safe.

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