The World Health Organisation listed several effects of ultraviolet rays on humans. Skin cancer is at the topmost of the list, but it is not the only serious repercussion. Can you imagine what it can do to non-living things if this is the case?

Even as early as 1700, humanity has benefited from wooden Venetian blinds. Although this contraption is a few centuries old, it is still advantageous. 

If you are not sold out on that, you should take some time out to read this piece. 

Different Style Options

Window blinds have come a long way since they were created. In fact, we now have vertical blinds. There are also other styles, such as roller blinds and Roman blinds, to name a few. What makes each blind unique?  

Blinds are the best and the most straightforward window coverings to install. They can fit in almost any window, including the standard ones, bay windows, and even kitchen windows, we even have a range for the modern Bi-fold doors. 


Another thing that is so advantageous about these blinds is that they are available in almost any colour and shade you want. You can choose between the light and dark shades, plain or wild patterns and textures. 


Protection from UV Rays


Did you know that UV rays can harm your living environment? They can alter the colour of your furniture and the floors but, most importantly, damage your skin. They do so by weakening the skin’s DNA. As a result, UV rays can cause melanoma and other skin cancers. 


Blinds are the ideal covering for your home. Why is this so?


When you install these in your home, they will protect your health from direct sunlight. It is essential to lower your risk of developing skin cancer and protect your eyes. Imagine a time when you have to stare at the computer screen for long hours. 


If you are thinking of buying blinds, you should also try roller blinds. These are perfect for commercial and residential buildings. There is a wide selection to choose from, and you can have them according to the colour of your indoor fixtures or choose the plain ones.


Aesthetically Pleasing


Aesthetics is a primary consideration when it comes to window treatments. You have to keep in mind that house decorations depend on the colours of your blinds as well. 


For example, if you have a red-coloured wall and a white floor, you can opt for red blinds to balance the colours in your home. 


If you have many potted plants, you can consider having blinds with green shades. Keeping the colours in mind will help you pick the right colours for the proper effects.




Blinds are essential to your homes and commercial establishments. Whether you are buying them for the first time or trying to replace the ones you have, you should do some shopping around. You can ask your friends and family members where they get them to acquire only the best. 

If you are shopping for one, you should look for a reputable blinds supplier. You will not be disappointed with Shady Blinds because we have all types and styles of blinds. Book your appointment with us today!