Vertical window blinds are window coverings that consist of several long, vertical slats. Invented by Edward and Frederick Bopp in the 1950s, these upright-oriented slats were a solution to horizontal blinds that were harder to clean. The blinds can be made from various materials, including wood, metal, or plastic, and are attached to a horizontal track. Vertical blinds are commonly used in rooms where privacy and light control are desired, such as bedrooms, living rooms, and even other windowed surfaces, as we’ll touch on later.


Vertical blinds were, at a point in history, one of the most popular window treatments due to their unique take on window coverings. Nowadays, vertical blinds are starting to come back as people rediscover their many benefits. Bounce, a UK culture and lifestyle magazine, recently published an article praising vertical blinds’ benefits. While some may see them as a relic of the 80s, several winning attributes have caused them to be popular among today’s homeowners.


Here are a few reasons to consider getting vertical blinds for your home:


Better Light Control


If you want to be able to adjust the amount of light that comes into your room, vertical blinds are a great option. With the slats open, you can let in a lot of light or close them partially to filter some light. 


Ease of Maintenance


Compared to horizontal blinds, vertical ones are much easier to clean and maintain. You can use the same methods to clean the vertical kind as you would use to clean horizontal ones. What’s more, their design means all particles brushed flow downward instead of around you.


Ease of Use


Did you know that vertical blinds can be opened and closed using a cord or wand? They can and are easy to use when adjusting to control the light entering a room.




Horizontal blinds are very common and can be seen in almost every home. Because of this, they can seem like they could be more interesting. Conversely, vertical blinds are not what you typically expect to see, which makes them stand out and all the more interesting. With vertical blinds, even a window you normally ignore will now capture your attention.




Vertical blinds make a great base for layering with other window treatments. They can be combined with curtains or drapes to create a unique look.

Additionally, these upright blinds are not just for windows anymore! You can also use them to cover sliding glass doors.


This means you can have the best of two worlds; enjoying the sun’s warmth during the day and then keeping your home safe, protected, and private at night!


In Conclusion


Vertical blinds are a definite Yay in our book. They’re back in a big way, not just due to their aesthetics but also to how ergonomic, unique, and convenient they are around the home or office. They’re useful for windows and other glass panels you want to decorate with an uncommon cover, so why not get a few right now?


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