Is your conservatory too hot in summer and too cold in winter?  This is a common problem with both glass and polycarbonate conservatories.
Applied to the inside pane of your roof, this powerful solar film will reflect heat & glare away in summer, keeping your conservatory at an ambient temperature and dramatically reducing the glare on your TV.  In the wintertime Solar Film retains the heat that you generate in your conservatory, reducing the amount of heat loss through your roof and therefore helping to reduce your energy bills.  Soft furnishings & flooring are also protected thanks to the UV block provided by Solar Film.
For an affordable solution, normally installed within 1 day, Solar Film really is the answer to using your conservatory comfortably all year round.  Contact us today for more information.
Roof Lanterns
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Eating your breakfast with sunglasses on?  Sun basking through your roof lantern or skylight?  Solar Film is installed to the inside pane of your glazing.  Reduce heat & glare dramatically, protect your furniture and flooring from sun damage and reduce your energy bills in winter.
Privacy & Bifold Doors
Would you like a little more privacy through the day without having to close your curtains or blinds?  EnviroFilm is multi-purpose, providing not only daytime privacy but also heat, glare and fade reduction too.  Enjoy looking out throughout the day with the comfort of knowing that nobody can see in.  If you are worries about the sun damaging furniture and soft furnishings then Solar Film will also help, not forgetting of course the energy saving benefit in the wintertime.
Anti Fade
Do you have expensive soft furnishings, flooring, artwork or furniture that could be damaged by the sun? Solar Film blocks 99% UV, which is the main cause of fade, protecting your items without you having to close the curtains or cover them.  Clear from the inside, with the slightest of tints from the outside, Solar Film provides 24/7 cover from the sun, along with energy saving benefits in the wintertime.