If you are in the market for a new set of curtains, mass-produced curtains will make you smile. They now offer an amazing variety of colours and textures. Ready-made curtains are convenient, low cost, and—at least before high-tech fabrics hit the mainstream—durable. However, they aren’t perfect. What would be better? Made-to-measure curtains. Here’s why.


Benefits of Made-to-Measure Curtains You Need to Know


1 – Specialised Curtain Headings


Made-to-measure curtains can be made with a range of different canopy headings and trimmings, creating a truly unique look. A specially-designed canopy is a sign of luxury and is a clear sign that you’ll stand out from the crowd.


2 – Customised Curtain Lengths


A made-to-measure curtain will be custom-made to your exact measurements. So you won’t need to compromise on the length; you can have exactly the length you want.


3 – Matching Curtains and Blinds


Made-to-measure curtains and blinds can be made in matching fabric. This can be particularly helpful if your window is a very unusual size or if you have more than one set of windows and want them all to match.


4 – Accurate Custom Sizes


Buying made-to-measure curtains not only means you’re getting a great match but also that all your measurements will be correct from the start. There will be no need to shorten or lengthen curtains later because they’ve already been made to your perfect specifications.


5 – No Cuts


The liquid sun is streaming in through the windows, and you’re snuggled up on the sofa – a sure sign that it’s curtain time. You reach for the scissors, but your husband calls out for you to wait. Finally, his reason for delaying you has been revealed: he’s had new motorised blinds installed. 


6 – A Colour that’s Meaningful to You


Ready-made curtains usually come in a variety of colours, but you might not like them all. Maybe you don’t like the shades, or maybe you are looking for a particular colour to create a certain mood in the room.


7 – An Out-of-the-Box Design


With the help of an experienced curtain maker, you can create a completely original design and one of a kind.


8 – The Ability to Specify Materials


A shop-bought curtain will be made of an off-the-peg fabric. This means you can’t choose the fabric for your new curtains. Whether you want light fabric for a cool, breezy feel, heavy fabric to block out the light, or a special type of fabric, such as one designed to repel flames, you need to go with a made-to-measure option.


9 – Quality of Material


Shop-bought curtains are made from a generic-grade material, which is fine for most people’s needs. But, if you want the best, you’re out of luck. Made-to-measure curtains are made from the highest-quality materials, giving you a truly luxurious feel.




Made-to-measure curtains are a great way to get the curtains you really want. They can be made in the exact size and shape that you want and with every material and feature that you could need.

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