In the second instalment of our two-part article from your trusted blinds supplier, we’ll continue with our discussion about what you need to know when cleaning your wooden blinds. This is important if you wish to extend the life of your blinds. 


Of course, it’s a good idea to ask your blinds supplier for recommendations that are specific to the blinds that you are getting, but before you do that, here are answers to a few of the queries you might have about cleaning blinds:


Can I Soak My Wooden Blinds in the Bathtub?


Most customers ask us whether they can soak or wash their wooden blinds in their bathtubs. We’ll say it again: please don’t do that!


Soaking your blinds in water can easily warp them and cause the wood to split. This is usually the case for cheap, low-quality blinds, but even if you have a premium wooden blind, you should steer clear of this practice.


What Can I Do to Whiten My Already Yellowing Wooden Blinds?


If you have a white-coloured wooden blind, you might notice that it starts to appear yellow after a few days. Yellowing happens because of the sun’s UV rays and the dust flying around.


One inexpensive trick you can use to remove yellowing is to apply a coat of good car wax on the blinds. Let the wax sit for about an hour or so, then wipe it off. This should do the trick.


If the yellowing is pretty bad, you can also use a mixture of dishwashing liquid and water to scrub the blinds.


You can use a UV sun shield to keep your blinds from yellowing in the long term. These are used on sailboats and specially designed to block UV rays. Apply the shield to the wood, and it should prevent the wood from yellowing.


How Can I Clean the Decorative Strings or Tapes on My Wooden Blinds?


If you have decorative strings or tapes on your wooden blinds, you must always be careful when cleaning them. It would be best if you go for a soft or microfiber cloth to clean those strings.


There are two reasons why anything else is not a good choice:


  1. a) If you use anything but a soft cloth, you might accidentally damage your blinds. You should never use a sponge, an abrasive cloth, or a stiff brush because they can cause scratches or dents on the decorative strings or tapes.


  1. b) The wooden blinds can absorb moisture, and hard material can cause the wood to warp or crack.


What’s the Best Way to Clean My Wooden Blinds Without Having to Take Them Down?


When dealing with vertical blinds, it’s best to clean them from the top down. Start with the very top and work your way down.


With slat blinds, it’s easier for you to take them down and clean them by hand. However, if you don’t want to take the time to do that, you can attempt to clean them through the opening on the side of the blinds. This method is more convenient if you have to deal with a lot of wooden blinds.


Remember, when you’re dealing with wooden blinds, it’s important not to let the water from your cleaning solution sit on the blinds. It’s best to use a spray bottle and spray the solution on the blinds, then wipe it off immediately.




Cleaning blinds isn’t as complicated as people make it to be. As long as you know what you’re doing and follow the simple tips shared by your blinds supplier, you can extend the life of your blinds for many years. 


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